If your answer to any of these questions is yes, ConsulTech can help.

Our E-mail SAVR (Spam and Virus Reduction) uses a Spam Firewall 400 from Barracuda Networks, a worldwide leader in plug and play appliances to protect e-mail infrastructure. Winner of numerous industry honors, the Barracuda Spam Firewall is a remarkably effective tool that reduces incoming spam and virus messages by 80-95% and more. It is a significant advance over previous Spam and virus reduction tools.

Standard Features

  • Robust Spam detection and suppression
  • Delete Spam at the SAVR firewall, before it gets to your PC
  • Deletion threshold set at domain level
  • Flag possible Spam, for user review
  • Possible Spam flagged as "[BULK]"
  • Flag threshold set at domain level
  • Hourly automatic updates of Spam profiles from Barracuda Networks to our SAVR server
  • Full-feature virus detection and suppression
  • Delete virus-infected messages at the SAVR firewall, before they get to your PC
  • Automatic virus scanning of e-mail attachments (unless they are password protected)
  • Hourly automatic updates of virus profiles from Barracuda Networks to our SAVR server

Optional Features

  • Microsoft Exchange Accelerator support (using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to insulate Exchange servers from dictionary attacks, a major cause of Exchange server slowdowns
  • Easy add-in to Microsoft Outlook toolbar for review of possible Spam within Outlook
  • User-level quarantine
  • Domain-level quarantine

Ease of Use

SAVR does not require you to make any changes to your e-mail settings. The only changes you should see are:

  • You will get less Spam.
  • E-mail attachments are automatically scanned for viruses.
  • Possible Spam will be labeled as "[BULK]".


  • Implementation for your domain in 1 day


  • SAVR is provided at no charge for organizations that host their web sites or application servers with ConsulTech.
  • For organizations that host their mail elsewhere (including their own Microsoft Exchange servers), let us make you a proposal for using SAVR with your current e-mail provider. We can eliminate your Spam for pennies a day.
  • No setup fee!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
ConsulTech is so confident that you'll like this new service that we'll give you a 30-day free trial! If you're not completely satisfied, we'll cancel your SAVR service, with no charge for the month you used it.

Call us at (812) 323-8324 and experience what our commitment to quality, value, and reliability can do for you.